The Programmatic Buying Platform for Mobile Marketers

Display, Native and Video on all Mobile Devices

The latest targeting options at the tip of your fingers 24/7

TAB’s DSP+ is one of the most user friendly self-service mobile DSPs on the market. 
Our intuitive and powerful platform interface allows you to quickly setup and efficiently manage ads with all of their settings, targeting, selected supply partners, and creatives. In addition, our platform offers all relevant mobile specific targeting options like unique hyper-local targeting and retargeting capabilities.

Programmatic Buying for everyone

  • Intuitive interface & easy campaign setup
  • Role-based access for your clients and stakeholders
  • Brand safety features

Display, Native & Video

  • Single access to the more than 30 of the largest ad exchanges
  • Target ad placements across multiple devices & formats
  • Data tools to retarget/hypertarget

Advanced algorithm technology optimizes towards set KPIs

  • Campaign data collected and analyzed every hour
  • Bidding strategy automatically updated
  • Media placement reallocation

No Commitments - No Minimums - No Monthly Fees

Fully supported SaaS and/or managed services with 15% flat commission on your spend.

Our Supply Side Partners

We are integrated with 30+ trusted supply exchanges.

Our Attribution Partners

We are connected to all the market known and respected mobile attribution & analytics companies.

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