Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Advertising Partners

Q: What is TAB and how can it help my mobile application to generate new installs?

A: TAB is a mobile user acquisition platform. We're fully dedicated to deliver measurable result oriented user acquisition solutions for mobile applications on both iOS and Android. You only pay for what you get! Our customers are mobile app publishers and developers who are looking for installs and new loyal users to drive their profits. We're working with reliable traffic partners who specialize on different audiences around the world. We bring the knowledge of more than five years of targeted user acquisition for online games and businesses to the fast growing mobile market.

Q: What traffic sources does TAB use?

A: The TAB platform uses a wide array of own inventory traffic sources as well as 3rd party partners in order to deliver. The platform consists exclusively of handpicked partners who deliver high quality mobile traffic from around the world, many of whom we have worked with for several years and are providing millions of new quality users. Through a strict approval process of applications, we make sure that only reliable partners are given access to the network. All this in order to find the most effective channels for your offers.

Q: How do you track conversions?

A: You can implement your own install tracking software or use a third party tracker to track installs and post-install events (e.g. retention, virality and monetization events) which are synched with our servers to ensure we can optimize for loyal users. Thus we make sure you do not only optimize for installs but also for quality and monetization of your newly acquired users. For advertisers who are already using their own proprietary or 3rd party tracking solutions we also offer server to server based tracking. The live reporting interface allows you to monitor the results of your campaign on an ongoing basis.

Q: What if I'm already using a third party SDK?

A: No worries! We're integrated with all of the major mobile tracking solutions on the market (adjust, Appsflyer, HasOffers / MAT, Kochava, inmobi, Flurry…)

Q: Can you also provide traffic for online and browser?

A: TAB is 100% focused on mobile applications.

FAQs for Monetization Partners

Q: How can TAB help me earn money?

A: TAB is a mobile marketing platform dedicated to games for both iOS and Android. We have the broadest portfolio of mobile game offers in the industry and negotiate deals directly with game publishers and developers to make sure you get attractive payouts for each game install you generate. With your partner account you will not only have access to our wide portfolio of mobile game offers but also to additional resources and support from our dedicated account management team. You'll be able to promote all of the listed games for which you have been approved. As many of our advertisers look for tons of mobile quality traffic and thus don't put budget caps on their campaigns, you will often be able to earn a lot of revenue out of one single offer.

Q: What are the main criteria to qualify as a media partner and how do I get started?

A: As a premium mobile games marketing platform we are looking for partners who know their business, are honest about the methods they use and keen to deliver quality traffic for our advertisers. To get started you need to submit your application using our signup form on You will be asked to submit two referees and some more information about the traffic sources you intend to use. You will then soon be contacted by one of our traffic managers to inform you about your status of approval. If everything looks ok we will be able to get you started within 24h (weekdays). In case you get rejected for reasons you do not agree with, please let us know so we can work this out together.

Q: How do I track conversions and manage multiple offers and campaigns?

A: We're using one of the most advanced tracking solutions in the industry. Our platform offers a technically solid and holistic solution to track conversions, analyze campaign data and optimize accordingly using multiple predefined or custom variables. If you have any questions about the appropriate use of our system we will be happy to provide you with support. Please get in touch with us using our contact form.

Q: I have online web traffic. Can you monetize it as well?

A: TAB specializes in monetizing mobile traffic only.