Mobile industry progression

The beginning of the year usually starts with a lot of predictions and expectations of upcoming trends. This year we have also put together the Mobile Marketing Trends of 2018, but it is always important to check back and see how the industry is progressing.

According to Incite Group’s State of Digital Product report, AI/Machine learning, voice assistants and mobile payments are suspected to continue developing whereas wearables and chatbots are forecasted to decline. They surveyed more than 1000 in-house product, UX design and marketing executives asking a wide range of questions about mobile, product, user experience and engagement.

Mobile apps and social networks

Executives in the industry had responded that over the next 18 months the most significant channels for developing will be mobile apps, mobile web pages, and virtual assistants. Some of the other focuses will be adding value to the customer life cycle, creating personalized customer experiences and integrating new technology into digital strategy. Moreover, social networks were rated nearly as significant as mobile apps. Companies are continuing to use video app ads on social media to appeal to the user and expand their reach. Besides, using influencers to showcase a product in the most credible way remains a growing trend.


The challenges executives are facing continue to be understanding the customer, personalizing/contextualizing users’ product experience and creating a consistent brand experience. Analyzing past interactions with apps, brand touchpoints and purchase histories are some of the successful tactics the mobile industry concentrates on by personalizing experience based on location, user interface, past interactions, interactions with partner sites.

Machine learning & AI

Consequently, the tools and technologies companies are planning on using or already are, are mobile big data, machine learning & AI, cloud computing, usage-based analytics and mobile payments. The experts’ objectives for the next 18 months are to primarily increase brand awareness through digital advertising activities and increase engagement to drive the revenue and more sales.



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