4 Mobile Marketing Trends that will shape the year

What are the trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2018? 2017 has showed us that technology and usage of smartphones will only continue developing and increasing. It is important to stay a few steps ahead of the industry and for this reason TAB has put together 4 mobile marketing trends which are not only going to evolve in 2018, but already started.


1. Micro - Influencer Marketing

The power of influencers on social media continues to grow together with their earning power. According to Forbes, an account of an influencer with over 1M followers can earn up to $50K for a single sponsored post. However, as soon as an influencer “overreaches” 100 000 followers, the engagements on their accounts are flattening. Those influencers become more of celebrities which are less relatable and responsive. This directly affects the engagement and interaction. The emerging trend is in micro-influencers, with fewer subscribers than over 1M, but higher engagement and conversions in the promotions. Trust and close relationship with the audience plays a big role in the purchasing decisions for people who choose to follow them. Another advantage of micro-influencer marketing is not only the higher engagement but lower prices with higher cost-efficiency.

mobile marketings trends of 2018

2. Personalization

AR has started its growth with the common perception of a toy as it had low utility. Slowly but surely it is starting to shift from the perceived definitions. Augmented reality clothing apps, cosmetics advises through Facebook messenger and more is appearing more and more available to the consumers. Not only it resonates with most of agile marketing trends, but it helps in personalization marketing. According to Forbes, 96% of marketers agree that personalization advances customer relationships which are directly reflected in results from their personalization campaigns. 2018 is going to be all about giving the sense of uniqueness and high relevance to the customers with the aid of AR.

3. Next-Generation Data Management

How great would it be to use technology to create a customer intelligent platform that will enable marketers to make real-time decisions in terms of which ads to serve and which products to promote to a specific individual? 2018 is promising to be the year of companies starting to apply machine learning to synthesize data across CRM, behavior, social and location to build more precise customer identities.

4. Voice as a Primary Interface

2018 will be all about voice-activated marketing. Systems will combine with traditional web-based apps, providing a seamless customer and marketing experience using voice and handheld apps in mobile. The exponential growth of Alexa users, chatbots, digital assistants and smart speakers is already showing that consumers are liking the voice-based engagements. Voice-driven experiences carry a lot of potential to provide new experiences and value.

mobile marketing trends of 2018



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