Life at TAB: Hristian Vasilev

Meet Senior Publisher Manager , Hristian Vasilev

Hristian Vasilev is our Senior Publisher Manager who has joined TAB from the very beginning in March 2016 in Berlin. He had moved to Berlin from Bulgaria for love and ended up in mobile marketing. We sat down with him to hear about his story and experience working at TAB.


Our Q&A With Hristian:

Q: What attracted you in working for TAB, back then a startup just at the beginning stage?

A: I have joined because at that time I was looking forward to working with mobile and being a part of building something from scratch. I wanted to bring my previous experience to a new workplace and do it together with similar-minded people. The best part was growing every day, seeing the results and how far we have come.

Q: What are some of the things that changed at TAB over time?

A: The office, of course. We started in a smaller place and now the new amazing office (you can see inside our office on office drop in) is totally worth the commute for 1 hour every day. I am also happy about the speed we are growing at; the team has gotten bigger with the right people at a good pace. Every new person who joins our team brings their own input and growth.

Q: What are the essential qualities of people who work at TAB?

A: The character of the person means everything. You can teach and train the person to do their job, but to be a part of the team and enjoy working with us it needs to match the vibe of the company. For example, willingness to understand and learn, to be happy with other people and colleagues, additionally to your priorities.

Q: How does your day usually start, working with offices in 4 different time zones?

A: I am more productive in the morning, so I come to work a little bit earlier to catch up on things and get ready for the day. I communicate with a lot of clients and my colleagues (who have their own portfolios), but we make it work with internal tools which help to follow and keep it clear and understandable. We often have calls as well.

Q: What future do you see for TAB in mobile advertising?

A: There will be always a space and a need to advertise, a link, a banner, a video or a comment. I see the future of mobile advertising in concentrating more on videos, using influencers and custom content for our offers. Definitely advertising in virtual reality games, I think it is full of potential.


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