Global series of networking affiliate marketing events

India Affiliate Conference by Leadbit & Traffic Cardinal continued the global series of networking affiliate marketing events in Delhi last week. More than 1000 people attended the event including affiliates and bloggers to discuss the future of affiliate marketing.

The event covered various aspects of digital marketing: social media, blogging, mobile marketing and video marketing. Some of the highlights from the events included beneficial networking, business opportunities and learning about digital marketing techniques that are used to generate money (“SaaS based product” launch on social media). However, we will recap more on the speeches from 16 experts from the marketing field.

  • Blogging remains to be the oldest way for online marketers to generate sales. More than 500+ bloggers attended the event and showcased various scenarios of generating seven figure numbers in a single month.

Some insights include following AIDA, having a social connection on the blog, using different colors and capturing information of users visiting the blog.

  • Social Media topic was raised by Roshni Dhal, LinkedIn Expert, who showcased her story and how she communicates to her audience on LinkedIn through her posts which receive as much as 2.5 million views per post. Various speakers use social media tool to launch SaaS based products and it has showed overwhelming response.
  • Desktop Marketing was discussed by Neha Kulwant, CEO of Admitad India, with her views on desktop marketing techniques, generating leads and sales from thousands of bloggers and websites attached to their network.
  • Mobile Marketing will always remain the growing marketing technique followed by the video on mobile platform.


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