Korea’s largest international gaming exhibition

Korea’s largest international gaming exhibition featuring the world’s leading games and industry professionals is a must-attend event in the mobile industry. G-STAR includes sectors of mobile, video, PC, VR, online, arcade gaming, console and more. This year there were 653 exhibitors over four days and as TAB attended, we have our highlights to share!

Statistics have shown that 86.5% of attendees plan to revisit G-STAR after the event which grows in the number of booths and exhibitors each year (in BTC and BTB Halls). We are yet to see the numbers from this year’s event but it is an established event for BTB businesses.


  • G-STAR attracts a big range of exhibitors with new games. Being not only mobile, some of the games had global launches at the event. It was a good source for industry contacts and meeting big key players of the market.

  • TAB has benefited not only from the event but as we have started TAB in South Korea in Seoul, Scott Park and Andrea Möllmann got to meet the potential new team members and interview some of the candidates.

  • Another benefit to the participants was the building of stronger relationships with existing partners. G-STAR has a business matching system which you can use a month before the show to schedule and book the meetings.

  • G-STAR is a very international event where people come from different countries. Everything was very organized, easy to use and access (biz matching).

  • Another bonus: amazing Korean food!

Note: If you are a visitor or it is your first time traveling to Korea, remember the public transportation can be overcrowded whilst the taxis are difficult to catch. We would recommend making sure to allow yourself longer traveling times to reach on time.

G-STAR 2017 was the 13th edition of an event with all of the gaming sectors. It gives you the opportunity to develop your business, meet customers, sales contacts and partners, generate qualified leads, launch new products, services and technologies, and exchange with decision-makers. Right now, TAB is in Bangkok for the Affiliate World Asia 2017, you can also see our upcoming events here.

Sources: G-STAR 2017 Brochure


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