ChinaJoy 2018 Highlights

The largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition

ChinaJoy is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in China and Asia. The event features multiple exhibitions including BTB area, Digital Entertainment Congress, Blockchain Applications & Technology conference, Global Game Industry Summit, etc. More than 600 organizations as well as 200+ foreign companies attended B2B halls. TAB’s Head of Business Development in Korea, John Oh, and Senior Publisher Sales Manager, Kashish Malhotra, have shared some of their highlights and things-to-know about ChinaJoy.



  • ChinaJoy is a place for new launches and games, attracting more than 100 000 people in B2C halls.
  • ChinaJoy had a significant growth of VR & AT content-based companies compared to other game shows in Asia.
  • Singular & Tapjoy co-hosted a seminar and shared very meaningful data and forecast of the Chinese Market. Not only was it for financial benefit but it boosted the opportunities to meet potential clients and Tapjoy introduced many Chinese clients to Singular and they had a DEMO session to their potential clients.
  • Being the biggest gaming event of Asia, ChinaJoy attracted a lot of direct advertisers and publishers from Asia allowing TAB to meet with existing and potential clients and partners.
  • Gaming companies are open for cooperation and look for companies that can help them with promotion.
  • Meeting with partners enhanced the relationships and provided opportunities for scaling up of the operations for us.
  • Exhibiting booths allowed for the first information and business card exchange but for the future it is good to have a couple of meeting points planned out (such are coffee shops/restaurants) for sit down meetings.

This was a great event for the Asian market which brings together international companies. The next event TAB is attending is Mobile Growth Summit Europe in Berlin, Germany. Follow this link to get in touch and book a meeting with us!


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