Are you ready for one of the most exiting annual music and arts festivals in California - Coachella? Apart from listening to your favorite artists, planning your outfits, taking amazing sunset pictures and partying, there is another part to Coachella – surviving. There are many guides on how to have the best experience at the festival without losing your friends, belongings and coming home safe, but make sure to use free apps which are created to make your experience better. In this blog we brought to you 10 best apps to download for Coachella.


1. Coachella Official App

coachella app

Download this app so you can stay up-to-date with the news, future updates and information you need. In includes your personalized schedule, full maps, complete listings of food & beverage, activities, amenities, merchandise store and required wristband activation.

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2. Venmo

venmo payment app

Buying drinks, rides, food, hotels and more between your friends? Venmo will let you send money confidently, securely and instantly to anyone with a Venmo account and split purchases to keep things fair and avoid awkward talks.

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3. First Aid by American Red Cross

first aid app

This app will tell you what to do in possible emergency situations at Coachella. Whether someone got kicked in a crowd, fell while dancing or felt dizzy in a hot area, First Aid will give you expert advice on what to do.

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4. Overnight

overnight app

Finding a place to stay for Coachella when you are traveling and want to have a close-by accommodation is never easy. Overnight is an app that allows users to book accommodations with the local hosts on the same day. Only supported on the App Store for iOS devices.

doanload on the app store

5. HotelTonight


Another app to find the cheapest hotel deals for last-minute bookings.

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6. Shazam


Coachella is for music lovers, but the chances are you will hear some songs you do not know and Shazam will let you locate the artist and title of what is currently playing so you can add it to your playlist.

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7. TripCase

tripcase app

TripCase lets you organize all of your trip details into one streamlined itinerary which you can share with friends and make sure not to miss flights, hotel check-ins and sets you are waiting to see.

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8. Find My Friends

find my friends app

Do you want to listen to a different artist than your friends, got lost on the way to get food or separated in the queue? Find My Friends allows you to easily locate friends and family by sharing your location with people from your contacts and they can share their locations back with you.

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9. OpenSignal

OpenSignal app

You cannot survive Coachella without internet and if the connection is not working or you are running out of your mobile data, download OpenSignal. It allows users to see the strength of local WIFI networks so that you can find a place to get back in touch with your friends.

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10. Battery Doctor

battery doctor

Running out of battery at Coachella is the last thing you need. We hope you will take a portable charger but to make sure your phone does not die in the middle of your favorite band’s set, download Battery Doctor. It offers real-time power consumption rankings, accurate power level and available time estimation to protect your battery effectively.


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