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to use data to drive marketing decisions faster and deliver relevant content on mobile at scale

Your global mobile Performance Media Company

Globally-minded mobile specialists

Here at TAB, our core business is being a gateway between global brands and mobile consumers. As your mobile performance media company we support, connect, and separate different types of consumer variables to amplify mobile media channels for brand communication and recognition.

We are a full-service provider, meaning we can do it all – from acquisition, tracking, reporting and optimization, to strategic campaign planning and creative assets.

With over 250 partners connected to our RTB technology & in-house, demand-side platform, our media reach expands across social, display, native, video, rich media, search, and more. TAB’s services are unparalleled when it comes to bringing the best value and ROI for each media dollar spent. Let us be your partner for mobile.

Matthias Lesch Matthias Lesch

Matthias Lesch

Founder & CEO

Matthias Lesch is a serial entrepreneur & initiator of various adtech & online marketing related start-ups (, Matthias developed his passion, leadership, and vision in his previous management roles at GDCC,, Evonik (Degussa Group)


Klaus Markefsky Klaus Markefsky

Klaus Markefsky

Co-Founder & Director IT

Klaus Markefsky is a technophile and experienced business intelligence expert. Klaus’ passion for tech, and industry knowledge made him highly successful in his previous positions at various adtech and marketing companies including,,


Scott Park Scott Park

Scott Park

Co-Founder & Board Advisor

Scott Park is a growth hacker, start-up advisor, and industry veteran in the mobile adtech/martech space with 10 years of experience. Scott’s skills in leadership and business development has helped him succeed in his previous executive management roles at NHN, Game Genetics, Appfx, Fyber and more.


“TAB`s ultimate product-first approach resulted in us creating an algorithm that works more efficiently and effectively than our competitors – you are welcome to challenge us against your other UA partners!”

Matthias Lesch

CEO and Founder of TAB

Meet the team

Diana Siedentopf Diana Siedentopf

Diana Siedentopf

Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Kuenze Christopher Kuenze

Christopher Kuenze

VP Marketing & Supply


Andrea Moellmann Andrea Moellmann

Andrea Moellmann

Director Advertiser Management


John Oh John Oh

John Oh

Head of Business Development Korea


Hristian Vasilev Hristian Vasilev

Hristian Vasilev

Senior Publisher Manager


Sooah Lee Sooah Lee

Sooah Lee

Senior Advertiser Manager


Gabriela Lock Gabriela Lock

Gabriela Lock

Senior Advertiser Manager


Vladica Stanisavljevic Vladica Stanisavljevic

Vladica Stanisavljevic

Senior Financial Accountant/Team Lead

Kashish Malhotra Kashish Malhotra

Kashish Malhotra

Senior Publisher Sales Manager


Mark Garnett Mark Garnett

Mark Garnett

Advertiser Manager


Klara Tomsova Klara Tomsova

Klara Tomsova

Office Manager/HR Coordinator


Billy Trinh Billy Trinh

Billy Trinh

Media & Project Management


Vera Belinskaya Vera Belinskaya

Vera Belinskaya

Marketing and PR Manager


Nerissa Lesser Nerissa Lesser

Nerissa Lesser

Executive Assistant/HR Assistant


Alexander Vogel Alexander Vogel

Alexander Vogel

Executive Assistant/Controlling


Lila Lucas Lila Lucas

Lila Lucas

Publisher Manager


Maria Cristina Bassoli Maria Cristina Bassoli

Maria Cristina Bassoli

Publisher Manager/Influencer Marketing Manager


Derek Rogusch Derek Rogusch

Derek Rogusch

US Accounting & Finance Intern